How can I set my product to free ?

As the title said I want to set my product for free for the unreal marketplace.
The lower price is 4.99 and I can’t set it to 0.

Is there any solution?


Only Plugins are allowed to be published for free (due to some plugins being vital Editor or Engine extensions)

Free content has to be approved by the marketplace staff IIRC, and very few products have been. You can always reach out to them though, wouldn’t hurt. =)

Hey Alpha-16,

We currently do not allow for new content to be set to free unless it is a plugin. However, if you are interested in submitting a product for our Sponsored Content program, please feel free to visit the UE Sponsored Content page for more information.

Lily K


As Epic don’t host free content outside their own, you can always upload to:

Filedropper / Google-Drive / Dropbox / One-drive / Mediafire / etc…

Then create a new thread in Community-Tools and link to it as a Download…

Thank you for the answers.
Much appreciated.

I will try to have a look on the UE Sponsored Content page. Could be a great idea.