How can I set my app to upload to google play ?

Hello everyone,

I still have this big problem that keeps coming up. It asks me to provide an application in 64-bit and 32-bit structure. I don’t understand at all how I’m supposed to do that.

Furthermore, Google also asks me not to have certain permissions such as READ_PHONE_STATE and GET_ACCOUNT but how am I supposed to do that if my application needs it?

I don’t really understand how to provide a privacy policy URL.

To any android developer, thank you very much for your help!

Go to settings, android section tick armv7 and build the project, then tick arm64 and change store version to one-up higher and build the project again. Upload in play console first armv7 apk then arm64 apk.

Maybe some wrong in your app settings in the developer console, this is the link on how to set google play

You can use online services to create a privacy policy and then upload that to web hosting and create a Web URL for that file.