how can i, set mobile buttons for jump, attack, etc.

hi, im trying to develop a 2d sidescroller game, and i got configured the left stick defauld hud, i added two buttons, one for touch 1 and touch 2 (the one with only the left stick) and when i test it on mobile previewer, shows the left joystick and the two buttons, but when i touch them, nothing happend. insted when i thouch other place of the screen, my character jump.

my first question, i was searching in youtube and in forums, and i didnt find how to solve this, if any one kwon how to… it wil be useful thanks.

i already figure out how to do this and is solved!

How did you solve it? im in that same boat.

First I solve by downloading 4.8 buid and in the umg you van a de buttons the comunícate to your character bp for tell what action to do… ill take a snapshot frío y project for you to ser it