How can I set location of Level Sequence?


Is there a way to set the location of a level sequence animation in blueprint? I have an animated camera in a sequence but I will need to set the location of where it starts based on other parameters determined at run time. I tried selecting the level sequence actor and “attach to” then moved the object it was attached to, this did indeed change its location, but the objects animated inside the sequence remained unchanged.

Side note: Do overlap events not fire when the overlapping object is in a sequence (IE: my camera)?


I’m interested in this too.

Found this answer hub post where an Epic dev said its high-priority, that was quite some time ago though. This would be very useful for dynamic/procedural worlds.

Will probably build a project-specific system to get going for now, but being able to leverage Sequencer would be great.

Yeah, unfortunately, we haven’t gotten to it yet.

The workaround at the moment is to attach your actors to some origin placeholder actor and then animate that placeholder actor. In 4.17, you might want to explore the ability to change the transform sections to “relative”. That will make the transform relative to the actor’s original/pre-animated position. Not exactly the same as what you’re looking for, but it might help in some cases.

Are there any updates on this matter?

I assume there are no updates on this still, but in any case LIVE AGAIN THREAD!

One more attempt to revive the thread. I’d really love to understand how to do this.

Hi all, I think this threads answers the question:…level-sequence