How can I set different animation blueprints in the event graph?

I was wondering how I could potentially change the animation blueprint of a character through the event graph. For example, if boolean 1 is active, then it uses animation blueprint #1. If boolean 2 is active, then it uses animation blueprint #2.

Would such a thing be possible, or would I just have to insert all the different animations into a single animation blueprint and set the different locomotion movesets in the animation blueprint rather than the event graph?

In Blueprint, use node named SetAnimInstanceClass to change Anim Class at runtime.
Hope it’ll help.

May I ask why do you want to do that?

Thanks, wish you a happy new year!

Advanced modular setups.
You can make a whole character work off components that are completely individualized BP.

And all you have to do to allow a character to perform an action would be to add in the component into the character bp.

This turns particularly useful when you want to build a game where new skills are added as a feature of game progression (but could also never be acquired).

It also potentially reduces the memory footprint during gameplay a bit.

And. If you are careful about it, you’d also be able to follow fast path for all of the required components. Making optimization easier since to use this method you technically have to know what you are doing in the first place…