How can I Set and Read additional word to a variable

My question is very related to this.

Problem is that: Property->GetMetaData not packaging, because it’s Editor Only.

How can I solve this?

sounds cool, but can you describe in more detail how to implement this? I think in this case need to take into count the hierarchy of structure (because of elements name identity on different levels).

also, maybe still is there an opportunity to read UProperty (for example running in-game parameter) or possibly to write own macros?

One of the most simplest approach - to create auto-generated mapping data base. So while processing conversion you will check for existing mapping item and use it if find. If not found any just generate it. So in Editor you will generate all, while in shipping just use generated mapping data base.
Other approach is pointed in that post - to change Engine code.

  1. The first step - to create custom converter (same with other post that you mentioned). This converter will work mostly the same way, but he will get mapped names from special cache. This cache will do two things - return existing if found, generate new, put in cache and return in other case. Also this cache will be serialized to some format. That will help you to load cached data in shipping builds.

  2. I just dont know, will think about it… And I dont understand about MACROs

Thank you very much for your suggestions! Can you give some example of this cache converter implementation?

About Macro - I guess UProperty there are macro too

There are lot of different implementations in the Internet… Unreal also has such thing - Derived Data Cache | Unreal Engine Documentation

As for MACROs - you sure can define yours, but IMHO Unreal already has many MACROs to be wanting to create one more -)

can’t figure out how can I use DDC for my problem in the simplest way.

Ok. There are lots of examples. For example take a look at this

As for converter - other post mentioned by you already has converter source code.
Just take or create cache class and modify coverter code to look into cache.