How can I set an upper-limit to dedicated server CPU usage?

We’re running multiple UE4 4.15 dedicated servers on one box, but if one of those servers hogs all the CPU, the other servers suffer from degraded performance.

Is there a way to deploy a dedicated server, and set it’s max CPU use to half a CPU core, for eg?

I don’t think so, it is something that OS scheduler need to support as it is OS that decides when and where each thread runs on CPU. In windows for example you can set priority as well as affinity (on which cores application is limited to run), there is possibility to set those in C++, you might lurk in to FPlatform (on breath look i can’t find anything related to that):

if you not find anything you need to use system APIs of platfrom you running… but usally you don’t need to do this because this is something that OS can be configured to do and user have option to set it up, like in windows task manager.

Thanks. We’re using supervisor on linux at the moment, considering using the cpulimit util to throttle the servers…
Was wondering if there was some more internal way :slight_smile: