How can I set a vector at timed intervals using blueprints?

I need to set a vector for some instances of my character to move to at timed intervals. My current issue is that I am using the Add_Movement_Input node within my character blueprint which is triggered by a Event_Tick, but I need the vector to be random. Currently the vector is reset every time the tick fires, which obviously doesn’t work.

How can I add the movement input using the Tick, but only set the random variable at certain intervals?
I have tried using Behaviour trees and AI controllers but these are unfortunately not suitable for my needs.

I greatly appreciate any help.


I would still suggest a behavior tree but what you are looking for is pretty straight forward.

Do your event tick and create a sequence. Pull one exec line to your movement and the second one to a branch or delay (depending on how you want to implement the random intervals. A delay will only take one input, go through and then send it’s signal before it takes another input. With a branch you could check for example if a certain destination is already reached) and add your search for a new vector there.

Great, thanks as always Erasio.