How can I set a variable in Server from client and set client variable from server?

Hello guys!

As you can see my question suggests I have a server. Well, I am using Xampp for testing. But I don’t have any idea on how doing this, I know how to use PHP to set and get data from Mysql but I don’t know how to use it with Unreal Engine.

I want to set variables from client to server and from server to client.

Any idea on how to make this?
I have heard something about variables replication…

Hey buddy,

this is not an easy topic and it needs you to read a bit.

I took some time, earlier this year, to write up a base compendium for UE4 users to get started with
the UE4 networking, including replication.

You need to use "RPC"s (Remote Procedure Calls) to pass data from Server to Client and other way round.
But they follow specific rules, due to ownership of actors. Please make sure to read the compendium!

Hello exi, thankyou very much for your answer!
I will read it. :smiley: