How can I set a Boolean on component begin overlap?

I am trying to set a variable as true on component begin overlap and false on component end overlap but they are both showing as false - or true. I cannot get one of them set as true and the other as false. What am I doing wrong?!



maybe put the set variable before the set visibility, your picture of the blueprint is very blurry it’s hard to read sorry If that’s not the issue.

Also you can put print string on the cast failed section to see if the cast is failing and the bools are actually being set.

Any idea why the picture quality is so poor?
Anyways, perhaps it is actually setting the value but something else is wrong.
Can you try to print the value of the boolean after setting it, or setting a breakpoint to verify the value of it?

why u use a cast if you dont get there any information from? just delete it , because i guess it fails! :slight_smile: