How can i send an array via network without making tons of variable input and output?

I want to load all the saved game information from the server to the clients, but i can send only simple variables like int, float and string.
I need to send about 10 arrays, that some of the arrays holds structs of about 15 variables.
Is there a sane way to do it without suffering ?

*Edit - Ok i guess i will just a make a long string that holds all the info and will parse it on the client sides… only way right ? :S

*Edit 2 - Or ! Can i make the client download the save game like he would download a map when joining a game in older unreal tournament games ?

convert the data to json send as string, read json on other end?

I would probably use replication (RepNotify) for this, haven’t tried it with arrays of ints/strings, but they probably work, since arrays of user structs work well for me.

Thanks, this is probably the best way.

Thanks, I will keep that idea in mind.

You could combine all the data to be sent into a single struct prior to sending it.

How is json handled in the engine? Literally putting the data into a string and breaking it apart? I haven’t dealt with it before, but it sounds intriguing.

I didn’t really understand what you mean :expressionless:

There is a plugin for this :

So i can iterate on the arrays on do it like that, sounds considerable.

necro because I was googling and this thread is the top hit.

then googled something else out of pure curiosity.…erence-do.html

Turns out this is the button to flip in the multicast event node; “pass by reference”. Made struct array go over the network seamlessly.