How can I send a Key [RightArrow] to a WebBrowser Widget?


I have a web based Application I want to run inside the Unreal Engine in Virtual Reality. This Application reacts to the Keys [LeftArrow] and [RightArrow].

As you can see below I have two Buttons and a WebBrowser Window setup in VR. I want my then working webpage to recive a [LeftArrow] respectivly [RightArrow] key when I press one of those Buttons in VR.

How can I achieve this?

This is waht the buttons currently call once pressed.

The Press Key sends the key I set for the button in the editor to the Widget Interaction Component I added to my WebBrowser Widget Container.


But this Interaction Component dosnt seem to affect the Browser and maybe because it has no destination.

So the question remains how can I send Buttons to the WebBrowser?

You have to attach the component to the widget and set the Virtual User Index to a different value.

Don’t think you’ll need to disable Hit Testing but try it if no luck.