how can i select which one interface i want to use?

Hello to everyone,
i have one object blueprint and it has 2 interfaces .
But i want to use the first interface for the first interaction and for the all the other interaction the second interface.

basically in my " graphic adventure style project " i have a piece of paper under an old clock leg…
the first interaction is for pull out the piece of paper and the second for examine it.

Now i have the 2 interfaces working perfectly for separate objects…some object you can interact with and some you can examine it in front of the camera and rotate it.
But i don’t know how to do in the same object without this 2 interfaces STARTING SIMULTANEOUSLY.

I hope to be clear with my basic english… than you very much in advance to all of you.

what do you mean with “2 interfaces starting simultaneously?”

i mean…
during the gameplay
when i “click” on my object, 2 interfaces start at the same time…
interface 1 - INTERACT
interface 2 - PICK-UP

i just want at the first click to “INTERACT” ( first interface )
and then at the further click i’ll be able to PICK-UP ( second interface )

but NOW the 2 interfaces start together…so at the first click i’ll INTERACT and PICK-UP SIMULTANEOUSLY.
and i don’t want this…
i want INTERACT at the first click and PICK-UP at the further click.

if you need i can post some pics of the game.
thank you so much in advance.

sorry again for my basic english