How can I select an object in game and highlight its outline?


How can I select an object in game while running and highlight its outline, so we know it is selected.



You can do this with a post processing effect:

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Isn’t there a way to access the functionality already in the editor? I mean it’s there and I really don’t feel like getting into this whole postprocessing stuff on top of everything else I am learning

Welcome to UE4, where difficult things are easy and easy things are sometimes incredible hard. :wink:

To make this less a pain, here’s a good YouTube video explaining all the steps:

… and here’s a ready-to-use project (the post-processing material necessary for this is just insane):

Wait until you wanna “just fade-out a actor”…

Thanks. After my comment I searched the marketplace and I actually found two projects for sale there that not only do outline but also paint the object in a different color and allow an object to shine through a solid object in front of it.
Since I don’t feel like getting too much into all this material and postprocessing stuff, i will buy one as soon as I figure out which one is better for me