How Can I See the Source Code (and edit if possible) of Games Made with Unreal Engine 4?

I have been working in the reverse engineering field for a week. And my first experience I wanted to start with games made with Unreal Engine. I chose an easy and amateur game as a choice. The name of the game is “Erzurum”. Until now, 3D models of this game, sounds etc. I could get However, I could not get the source code of the game. And I searched. I got a lot of third-party programs from this research. I tried something with the HxD editor, IDA, PakOpener etc. but it didn’t work. My goal was to learn from the beginning, not to cheat or hack. I want to make mods so I always want these source codes to be viewed and edited. Thank you in advance for your help.

You can only get the assembly code of the binary by using a disassembler.

I mean… Can’t I just get the game’s c ++ codes?

Not usually. Unless the developer makes the code available or open source.

Well. I guess i just mod sounds,3d model etc. Thank you

It’s been discussed several times so unless we are talking theoretically about packaging mechanics or security

This is what I needed, thank you.