How can I see my previous posts?

I would like to see all my previous posts.
But for some reason, I can’t find in my profile settings that option or feature.

Is this not possible? :rolleyes:

Hey there! You can find this in the about section of your profile -

Under the section titled Links. =)

thank you! :slight_smile:

you know what… I had to bookmark the about section… when I create on my profile and account… I can’t find it in the navigation.
How the heck do you get there from the main page?

Click on your user name (e.g. in a forum post).

Hi, I’m posting just so I can see my username, because I can’t find the about section or a post I made to be able to click on my name so I can see what posts I made

same here, just want to click on my own name, dont mind me

Just checking my name

Same here. Is there really no other way to access your own profile?

Yes. Beside the Download button on the top right of the forum page when you are signed in. Click on your user name and you are there.

Same here Just to check name

That doesn’t work for me, maybe it’s a browser thing.

Hmm, odd. Is the profile button visible? If it is, hover over it and click “PROFILE” or whatever you want to see.

Just go to your profile. You can see your posts there.