How can I scale the canvas panel with children already in it?

I have a menu I’ve created with many buttons and fields for input. I’ve noticed the canvas panel is pretty big, takes up the entire space. Is it possible for me to scale this canvas panel down to the size of my menu? Do I need to do so, will having the canvas panel be the size of the screen do anything?

If you only want your menu to take up part of the screen, you could either scale the Canvas Panel or just get rid of it entirely. The Canvas Panel isn’t required even though it is there by default. Also, even if it is the whole size of the screen, it shouldn’t change anything as long as it’s transparent.

Scaling the canvas scales the children though. It seems like once you’ve dropped children into a canvas container you can’t get them out. Is there a way I can select all the children and remove them from a canvas?

You can highlight all of the components that are under the Canvas panel, copy them, delete the Canvas Panel, and then right-click the top entry (the one that shares the name of the Widget BP) and select Paste. It should bring everything over smoothly. There may be some widgets that are set to Size to Content or Fill that could look odd after being taken out, but you should be able to fix that rather easily.

Hi Mathew J, old post but I tried what you said and no matter what I do it will always copy the canvas panel over despite making sure I’m not selecting it in the copy process.

Kinda bumming me out atm as this is really holding me back a great deal. :frowning:

Hello AXIOM,

You can workaround this by selecting all of your Widgets and wrapping them with another element. If you then copy the new wrap and widget elements, you can then delete the Canvas panel and paste and it will not bring the Canvas panel back. This is an intended change from what I understand, as it will not allow for multiple widget elements to be without a parent under the main widget.

Grab the bottom right corner of the Canvas Panel and manually scale it