How can i scale a destructable mesh?

I have a Problem with scaling destructable meshes.
I created a destructable mesh and create a BlueprintClass with the cube.
Now i want to spawn the block with SpawnActor.
Everything is OK, but the cube doesn´t get the scale i set in the BlueprintClass.
If i use SetActorScale3D in Blueprint to scale the cube, it is just flickering all the time, but it has the correct scale.

Does someone has a solution?
I´m new to Unreal Engine, maybe i don´t see something.

Think i scaled uniformly.
How can i scale them?

Or do I have to scale before i make a destructable mesh?

Are you uniformly scaling the mesh? If not, the engine doesn’t support non-uniform scaling for the destrutible meshes.

Found a solution:)
Used the Scale pin from BreakTransform and multiplied it to make a new vector for MakeTransform.