How can i save spawned character

i want to save and load spawned character so when i play again spawned character still there

You need a save game:

i have a save game but if i spawned character it wont save because when it try to load the actor transform it cant because the character never exist to load the transform

You can’t save / load the character, you save / load the transform.

load the game → read the transform → spawn the character using the transform

okey i did the save transform but should i spawn the character in the level blueprint ?
and if there was more than one spawned character

Avoid using level blueprint. Look into arrays when working with more than 1 element.

okey thanks

but wait where should i do it should do it in the character blueprint or a new actor to spawn them

should do it in the character blueprint

You cannot do it in the character blueprint as it does not exist yet. That’s the whole point - to get the character into the game. And you cannot do in the save game blueprint.

You could use the Game Mode, Player Controller, Game Instance.

Ideally, you’d create another blueprint that would act as a manager for setting up the level the way you need - it would be responsible for respawning things. As your game grows in scope, the framework classes will get busy with tracking other things, like overseeing various managers and pushing data between other blueprints.

Try the Game Mode for now, see how it goes.

okey thanks

Learn save game object, then make a character type variable rather than pawns. You can try implementing it from a widget in your main map. Surely with games we have main menu and stuff, So try it inside a widget , I have tried it but you can try to experiment it with game modes and with player controllers. But i have try it so many times with Widget blueprint as you play and exit the game you will past through a widget as well from entering the map to exiting the game. As long as its not in multiplayer it works.

hey i handed a problem with this. every one of the actors spawn in one location when they load you told me to use array how can i use them with this