How can i run UE4 android game on my blackberry z10? is it possible

i have blackberry z10 . can i run my unreal engine 4 android game on blackberry.

Howdy vikas4goyal,

At this current point in time, We only support Android (Google Play) and iOS based apps for mobile devices. This is not saying that in the future it will or will not be supported but at this time, we do not support blackberry z10.

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I tested UE4 Android samples on a Z30 and Passport, they run just not perfectly (except Tappy Chicken, it runs fine): A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums

I’m going to try the Z10, but I’m not sure that will do it with a Adreno 225.

Glad to hear that you got it working rcmaniac25!

Just because a device is not support, does not mean that it will not be able to be deployed to. The device will just not run at optimal performance. Be sure to let us know how the testing goes on the Z10.

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Thanks Sean. I updated the wiki with different texture compression results and the Z10 (which really can only do LDR). The Z30 and Passport actually run the samples pretty well. Just letting you know.

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