How can i run Kite Demo ?...Please help

How can i Run Kite Demo ?..I can’t run it like a ‘boy’ mode, and also cant run cinematic screen…However, i am able to run it as ’ Drone’ Mode…

Here is what i already did :-

Downloaded and verified it completely.
started playing (only as a drone)

I also checked the Input setting in Project Setting tab…When i press the assigned keys, nothing happens… ( Only bookmarks works after i press F8)

Please help me 8(, i am stuck in middle of something.


Please check this link out :
Hope you find what you were looking for in this link

I am sorry khadar, but i checked out that link before posting question here. Unfortunately, it didn’t helped me. I also checked whole project and its assets, i saw the images in project too, but, i cant see anything when i press 'Play"…there is only Drone mode.

Well then I am sorry dexter I am very much unsure as to what might be the problem … But please hold on there some one will provide you the right answer and guide you there so… I hope you will be able to resolve your issue as soon as possible .