How can I run an Unreal Engine project in a web browser?

Hi all. I’m sorry if this question seems ridiculous, but, I have an Unreal Engine project that I would like to run in a web browser. How would I go about doing this? I see HTML5 support has been dropped. Is this even possible? I don’t even know where to begin with this. Any help would be much appreciated.

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If you just want to use the project “privately” rather than like a public web game you could try Pixel Streaming,

I am trying to figure this out too. It would appear that in order to run Pixel Streaming in a web browser it must be setup up on a GPU/CPU server but I have no knowledge on how to do that. A few days ago I asked this forum if there are any examples of PS running on the web and have had no replies. I have found a lot of youtube videos about PS but all seems vaperware. If I could get past this stage I would be happy though it also seems that if I do Cloud streaming services are really quite expensive!!.There is no point producing things if I can not get this stuff up onto the web.

Hi, did you get the answer for your query.

I am also looking for the same. please let me know if you have solution. Thank you

I did find an answer. I used a company called , It just takes the hassle out of having to set up an expensive home server with a public-facing IP, filled with expensive GPU’s to serve the exe.

They also use Pixelstreaming. I’m assuming you would want to serve “separate instances” of you exe when people logon to the server to view it? You can play with the Matchmaking Server in your compiled file in order to get this working. Look up the Matchmaking server documentation in the Documentation. It’s pretty concise if you follow it exactly.

I did find a solution. A company called

You can see an example of furious at LATVIA – VIRTUAL DESIGN DESTINATION You may have to log in / register to see it. There are quite a few examples of 3d environments here. As I understand it Furioos are not using Pixel streaming but their own version.

There are ways to set up a virtual Pixel Streaming environment on a dedicated server though this involves spending money on something like AWS which can be expensive. The HTML5 solution has been dropped I think because if you want something complex to run on a normal browser the amount of delay in downloading/processing is too much.

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