How can i rotate character with camera?

I want to try make a little game where my character is just a cube, that uses add force to go forward and backward (up and down arrow on keyboard.
Then i want to control just the rotation of that character with left and right arrow on keyboard, together with the camera.
There was no problem to make it go forward and backward with add force, and i can make the camera rotate, but i can not get the cube rotate with the camera.
How can i do this on the character blueprint?, i have searched on google and tried allot but still not succeeded.
Would be very glad if some one could help explain.

How are you rotating the cube? if you do rotation to the root of your actor it should rotate all components in the blueprint

I am a little new to unreal, can you explain how i do that rotation with the root? this is a picture how my character bp looks right now.

I noticed your controller yaw has no component. So if you look at cube, and how the spring arm and camera are below and a little to the right, which mean they are children of the cube, so anything the cube does the camera will follow. So the only problem I see with this SS is your controller yaw has nothing to effect, and sometimes this will work with no pin, but not always.

Thanks allot for the response, i figured out that using add force caused allot of problems cause i can only walk in one axis even if i would be able to rotate. Best way to fix the movement i want is using the “traditional way” and the flight mode, but i still got a problem that i i dont want the cube to slip sideways when it turns, but i guess i have to ask that on a new question :slight_smile: thanks any way for your help.

You can drive his movement by getting his forward vector and moving from that, so it will always move what ever way is its front facing direction, or straight back from the front facing direction

Thanks again yes i found out that is the best way. :slight_smile: