How can I rotate a mesh while also having it move to Target Points?

Oh goodness, I’ve been at this for hours now. I finally have it moving randomly to target points, but I can’t for the life of my get it to rotate also at the same time. Also (if there’s a way to loop it to go in a certain order instead of randomly, that would be more helpful to me, thanks!)

Ok, so for the rotation, I tried a Timeline at First, but then it wouldn’t move to target points, and then I tried out the RotatingMovement construction and that didn’t work either. All it does is stay in place and rotate.

Blueprints are attached.

AddActorLocalRotation is not working either in Event Tick. All these things give me the rotation I want, but does not allow me to rotate WHILE moving to the target points:(

They either stay in place or run off the map.

Add an empty Scene component call it Root, then make your mesh component is the child of Root component, when you move whole actor, just rotate the mesh component locally.

Are you saying that I should rotate the root, but have the mesh move to the target like originally planned and it should work? So I will be moving two different things in the event graph. Mesh to targets, root rotation…?

from your blueprint your Mesh is the root component, what your rotate is the whole actor, you should make Mesh a child of other Component, the you can rotate it locall and moving with out effect Actor rotation.

Thanks for your help, it took a few tries, but using what you said I got it working.