How can i resume game when the replay is finished


Following this documentation,i am using Memory Streamer for playing instant replay.
And everything is fine. I can record and play replay with memory streamer(this tutorial).

But here is the question, how can i resume game at the end of replay? For now my game stuck on replay mode.

I think it can be done like the documentation says:
“The live game is able to continue, invisibly and silently, while the player is watching a replay, so that the game can be resumed seamlessly the moment the replay ends”
“By hiding the Dynamic Source Levels and showing the Dynamic Duplicated Levels during replay, the game can continue playing and receiving network updates unaffected by the replay.”
“When the replay is finished, the contents of the Dynamic Duplicate Levels will be destroyed will undergo garbage collection, and the Dynamic Source Levels will be made visible/audible again.”

that is quite difficult to me. Really hope someone can help. Thanks