How can I resolve 73 % Stop Loading Editor 4.22.2 / 4.22.3

Hello friends

It is near 1 week i can’t resolve my problem at Loading UE4 Editor! it is stop loading at 73 % !!

Last day i update my UE4 from 4.22.2 to 4.22.3 i was thinking that can resolve the problem and can repair my missing file , but Sadly it did not a help and i can’t open my UE4 Editor 4.22.3 yet!

I read a lot but they did not help my problem!

Would you Please tell me :

  • Where should i start to checking?

  • Can it be related to the firewall?

  • If I do not resolve, what file I must download from UE4 or Epic Game to repair damaged parts?

I have UE4 4.19 at the same time and it work . my UE4.22.2 was working last week but suddenly stopped working!

-Please help me to find solution to this problem

Big Respects