How can I reproduce an outline effect with a shiny asset?

I was trying to achieve the same effect that is exposed in Content Examples - > blueprint interaction, where you can see a shiny asset with outline (which is glowing with a sin).

The mesh shine is just a shader, but I cannot find how to reproduce the outline effect. (An image below)

How is this done?


There are two of the same meshes there, one of them has an animated material and their visibility is toggled by an overlap event. You can see it all in that asset’s blueprint’s component and graph sections.

Yes, I saw both. One has a shiny material, and one not. But the one with shiny material has also an outline, and thats what im asking :slight_smile:

I am looking for the same answer. Been looking at it and it is somehow related to Post Processing outline, but I don’t know how :frowning: If you find the PostProcessing volume on the level and disable it, you will see no outline

Ok, I’ve found it. It’s the post processing material M_Highlight. You can find it under the post processing volume actor :slight_smile:


More info on post processing here

yey thanks! Also, I add that you need to mark the mesh as custom depth enabled on rendering tab

I’m using 4.13 and trying to find M_Highlight - it seems to have been renamed. Anyone know what it is called now? Thanks!

I’m trying to do this with the new 4.15, and am also having trouble finding the options. It appears as though the misc > blendables section has been removed entirely from the post process volume options. Sad times :frowning:

Anybody have an update on how this effect can be achieved?

I have exactly the same problem. Since 4.15 I do not find how to hightlig objects in post process. =(

you will find it in PostProccessingVolume under Rendering Features then Under Post Proccess section then you add an outline material using + button.
see the image below


and this is the outline material I’m using

after that its a simple using of Set Render Custom Depth node in your blue print for any actor you want to be outlined

Many thanks!
This is it. Just link the last node to the Emissive Color pin and set the Material Domain to Post Process

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