How can I replicate Camera Pitch?

I guess this fits in blueprints so here we go. I’ve analyzed all of the examples UE4 has but I cant seem to replicate this specific part: Camera Pitch

This is the original angle&distance of the camera, not what i desire.
photo CameraLocation-angle1BP_zpsb26337d8.png photo CameraLocation-angle1-game_zps20ca5059.png

Since im going to be moving the camera to a top-down perspective I rotated and tested it
photo CameraLocation-angle2BP_zps06dddca1.png photo CameraLocation-angle2-game_zps453221ee.png

but then i realized this

photo CameraLocation-angle3BP_zps96d5a272.png

meant this

photo CameraLocation-angle3-game_zps03bd5179.png

I’m only able to change camera translation. I’ve tried not attaching the camera and boom to the mesh and that doesn’t make a difference. Ive also tried rotating the camera independent from the boom but I’m met with the same results. Any help is greatly appreciated


Have you taken a look at the Top Down Template? Does that give you what you are after?


yeah i looked it over tons of times. I ended up re-making a blank project and now i got it to work. Not sure what it was but it’s working now :smiley: