How can I rename my projects?

I have alredy creted a project and i don’t like the name any more. I tried to rename the file and the folder but an eror appeard. Is there a proper way to rename my projects ? If so please share it !

You also change the GameName in Config/DefaultEngine.ini


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The above method is correct, and works great. However, if you try to package the project to an android device afterwards, it will fail. In order to fix this, delete your cached android files. It’s in your project folder under “[project folder]\Build” – delete the contents of this folder.

I tried the above method and it renamed it, but any packaged products wouldn’t run unless they were named what the project name was before I renamed it.

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What device are you trying to package to? Are you on a Mac or PC? How are you editing the DefaultEngine.ini.


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Since we haven’t heard back from you, I’m closing this as resolved. However, if you still wish us to help narrow down why this solution is not working for you, please respond by answering the last two questions (assuming you are using this to resolve packaging to an android device.)


This just isn’t enough. Renaming a project creates a whole slew of issues especially if you’re using VS. Where is the official (and updated) documentation on the process?

While we currently do not have official documentation on how to change your C++ Project name, a licensee has been generous enough to share this response given by one of our documentation authors:

[Renaming a C++ project - C++ - Epic Developer Community Forums][1]

There is also this example which was linked through a forum post on the subject:

I’ve also entered a request for official documentation: JIRA [UEDOC-2917].

I will start with cloning the project with the new name from the Epic Launcher and see if you can open the new project. After that, test VS compilation just to make sure.

The steps in here can follow if really needed:

That’s the method I did and it was a reasonable sized C++ project.

Hello. Sorry for my wrong English. I don’t know if my decision will help anyone, but if you make a game on an android, it’s absolutely not important what your project is called. The main thing that is written under your icon on a mobile device. Go to: Setting → Project Setting → Android → Application Display Name (app_name), project name if blank → (enter any name in any language). After that, your file compiled on android will be named as your project. But the installed game on the mobile device will be named as you specified in the settings.

I had the same issue and unfortunately none of the above solutions worked for me, I was still getting errors. Eventually I did a very simpler thing and worked: renamed the .uproject file as I wanted, deleted intermediate, saved and build folders then packaged without problems.