How can I remove the outline when selecting an actor and have selections highlighted instead?

When selecting actors in the perspective viewport, by default they have a thick yellow outline. Personally I find this gets in the way when trying to place static meshes and other objects precisely while set-dressing a scene or whatever else, trying to pay attention as to whether or not a mesh is intersecting with another.

I’ve used UDK in the past extensively, which indicated selected actors by highlighting them without an outline, seen here:


I prefer this since it does not interrupt identification of the edges of whatever is selected.

Is it possible to do this in UE4?

I’m aware that you can disable the outline and adjust highlight intensity, but it seems as though you cannot disable the outline and keep the highlight. Unchecking ‘Use Selection Outline’ also disables the selection highlight parameter. Mentioned setting seen here:

I’ve fiddled with the selection color parameters as well but no luck there.



Thanks! You saved me!