How can I rectangle-select objects behind the ones in-front

You can rectangle select via Ctrl + Alt + Right mouse click objects on-screen, but it won’t select any objects behind the ones that are right in-front of your view camera. Is it possible to select them as well while rectangle-selecting in any way?

I have struggled with the same problem. However, you give me a solution. In the 4.26 version, I can select several objects with Ctrl + Alt + Left mouse button. Also, I can view only selected objects in the World Outliner. It works for me.


Hey there. I know it’s been a few years but I figured I’d leave this here since this is one of the first results on google and it’s still unanswered.
I assume you want to select all of the objects that are within the selection rectangle, even the ones that can’t be seen.

-Go to the editor preferences (edit>editor preferences).
-Search for “Box Select Occluded Objects”
-Give it a keybinding (eg. ctrl+b)
-Back in the viewport push that keybinding to toggle it on

You should then be able to select objects that are behind any objects in the foreground with the box select tool, just like in unity.

Hope that helped,