How can i record player view gameplay using Matinee?

Thus far Matinee has proven to be a good tool for cutscenes and flyby shots. However I would like to record the players main camera. I want to record a few shots of the gameplay for a demo. This means a live person will be playing. I could always use either my HD PVR or screen Capture but I was hoping for a built-in solution. I need the player main camera view to be recorded. Not Matinee new camera.

If you create a director track in the matinee(no camera added) and set no keyframes, it records the player camera. Even the fade track affects the player view when you use it like that.

Thank you for a quick response. My main confusion is that when I go to the record button, the camera is positioned in the map origin as opposed to where the player camera is currently located. I need to be able to use the jump and walking controls and being able to be affected by gravity.

Ah my apologies. I did not notice that In order to record a movie FILE** I am not supposed to click record in Matinee but rather press make movie… after which I enter my desired settings and Matinee creates a new window within which the game-play can be seen. Thank you.

There’s a bug here if you are trying to record streaming levels that contain landscapes you’ll crash. So you’ll have to break up your demo footage into discrete levels for now in 4.6.

Are you sure that is Matinee related and not level streaming?

My problem with this is the the game actually simulates at an arbitrary framerate when recording a movie. If I set Matinee to output smaller resolutions, the game runs at a ridiculous simulation rate. At larger resolutions, it becomes far slower. In other words, it’s outputting each frame as soon as its ready, making the game impossible to play within that viewport.

That is normal since Matinee records uncompressed files. JPEG sequence must be the cheapest so try that and see how it goes.

It’s been a while since I’ve asked this question and a lot has changed in UE since then. But one thing that hasn’t changed is that fact that the amount of help users can provide you with, solely depends on the about of information and material you provide about your problem… which at the moment is none. So please elaborate on the “Everything’s blown out and wrong” part.

Hi Jacky so I have videos playing in the game using media players their frame rate gets all crazy when I cam capturing the game how do I fix that?