How can I record Front Camera of iPhone?

Hi Team,

I’m trying to figure out the how can I record the iPhone front camera through of Unreal.
I created a FaceAR for my character and I record her face movements by the sequencer, but I need to record the video of Front Camera of iPhone for to compare the Facial movements and 3D movements in the same time and to this, I need to activate the Record video of Front Camera to save videos on own iPhone. How can I do this through Unreal?
Someone can give one light.

Thanks, folks…

If you find a solution please share how, ok? For my part, if I also get to the bottom of the truth, I will share with you also

Did you check the FaceAR sample project in the Learn tab?
Doc link: Face AR Sample | Unreal Engine Documentation

I guess you need to copy the settings from it - and also note you need a iPhone X or greater (thanks Apple)

Hi aussieburger,

The faceARSample, is perfect and it is working… but I need to capture my face too (real face). For example, if faceAR doesn’t work OK, I have a movie of my face and I can repair the faceAR manually.
In sum up, when I capture my face beyond capture faceAR, I have a backup for a future fix in case of a mistake on faceAR, then I need capture faceAR (can be by the sequencer of Unreal) and the movie of my face (recording camera front of iPhone).

I’ve read that 4.22 will bring that functionality.

Guys, anyone knows if its possible to export the recorded clip from faceAR to FBX with blend shapes animation?

Hi, is it possible to export animation out of Unreal in FBX with keyframed blendshapes animation?

Yes… It is possible… Enable Morphs when you’ll export FBX…