How can I record a simple door opening with Sequence Recorder


I’m struggling to record some events from my gameplay with sequence recorder. I have a blueprint door in my scene that opens when the character is around. I added the Door Blueprint to the Actor Classes to Record list, and added a Scene Component and a Static Mesh Component to the list of classes and properties to record. But nothing is recorded, just my character walking through the door.

I believe this is going to be useful for many people as I saw many similar unresolved questions on the forum.


I figured out. In case someone else needs it. Click add as many times as actors (or events) you want to record, one of them should be your character. Select one of them in the actor section, it should say none. Go to Actor recording and select your Actor to Record (first person character, door blueprint…). Once you are done selecting your actors to record, go to the Actor section and select your character. Click record.