How can i reach a special Funktion? ...Is Caret Moved When Gain Focus

For Example:…ext/index.html

In here?

Can you be more specific? What is a special function?

I need this: SetIsCaretMovedWhenGainFocus

…added to headline

this one isn’t function, just set a property value

you can find this property when editable text selected. I show you in this image:

Its set, but i don’t reach it…


You mean this?

It’s not exposed to blueprints, it seems. Caret has a life of its own in UMG. Consider posting this (or ask a moderator to move this thread) to the C++ section. Folks versed in Slate should be able to help you out. [HR][/HR]Alternatively, describe the issue here, ideally in detail. A potential workaround might exist in pure BP. Judging by what the function does, you should be able to force the focus back to the widget even when the auto-completion (not sure what that is) removes it.

I thought it wasn’t exposed to BP. Both Editable Text and *Editable Text Box *have it in the panel but *Editable Text *can’t set its own param dynamically. A bit odd.

??? How do you get the editable text box?
i only get editable text…?

hm… i dont understand this…i take the editable text box, than its this:

and i cant connect

The naming conventions are a bit messy here, sort of:


I just used Editable Textbox

It won’t work then, but you can still *check *that tickbox in the panel. It does not do what you want? You need to set it dynamically?

yes…thaank you…now i have it! thank you very much!

i will add something to the headline, if someone searches for this…