How can I put the the player character into the World Outliner?

I made a goal radar function attached to my player character and i need him on the world outliner to activate it, but there’s only the player start and not the player character blueprint. How can I change this?

Outliner only shows thins on the level, if player it not spawned it won’t be on outliner, also note that level can’t store properties of actor if it’s not on the level (editor creates hidden WorldSettigns actor and level blueprint actor on level to store them when you save level). You can access player on outliner when player is spawned when you start a game in PIE, outliner in PIE shows all actors on the level live as well as property editor shows live property states, it may satisfy you f you didn’t know about it.

If you need some property before spawn, use existing actors on the level, you variable defaults in blueprints, you may also try some conditional code or special debug game mode with key binds