How can I put a background in my main menu?

So I already have a back ground but for some reason it overlaps some of the buttons and I was thinking that I could click and drag the image in the hierarchy and drag it under the buttons in the hierarchy too, basically like how it works in Photoshop. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case so I’m kind of at a loss, can anyone help me with this please? The image below is an example of what I mean, the background isn’t centered to show you what I mean with it overlapping some but not all buttons.

Hierarchy does not determine which object will appear at top, etc - it’s not something like layers in PS :slight_smile: Check the ZOrder option instead, it should change it. (as far as i remember, try putting values like 1, -1, etc.)

Ah that did it! Thanks a lot! :smiley:

Darn, another problem popped up. Now the image is in Black and White and I’m not sure why, would changing the ZOrder cause this?

Is it desaturated in UMG viewport as well, or only after clicking Play?

Yeah, it does it in both

For your image check your Behaviour -> Is Enabled option. If it is not enabled you will get a desaturated image as it’s treating it as off/unusable like a button you have disabled.