How can I push one character with another using Character Movement component

I’m trying to achive this result (one character pushing another in multiplayer game):
But I don’t want to use physic simulation on the character capsule, I need to use Character movement component for my characters.
Any leads?

Except of course, you won’t be getting your own character, but one of the others…

Could this work? - @ClockworkOcean

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This is great and simple solution! Works much smoother than AddForce and AddImpulse! Thank you so much!
The only problem is that as my character uses “Orient Rotation to Movement” = True, every time I push the character it rotates to the direction of the push :frowning:
It’s not that big of an issue at this stage of development though :slight_smile:
I’ll try to figure out how to fix it.
Thanks again!

I suppose you could drag out from the character movement component and set “Orient Rotation To Movement” = FALSE while it is being pushed and then set it back to = TRUE when the overlap stops.

EDIT: Since this is multiplayer, the player being pushed also has movement input that they will use to get away or push back, you might want to check if there is some conflict there.

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