How can I profile UE4 app running on the device ?

I need to profile my game/app when it’s running on the device. I don’t see any documentation pointing me in that direction :confused:

Is there a way to run the app on the phone and either send statistics to PC via WiFi (can’t use USB) or dump stats into log file so I could examine it offline ?

Thanks beforehand

The way I do profiling on Android is to use “stat startfile” and “stat stopfile” on the console (4-tap). This will write a .ue4stats file on the sdcard under /sdcard/UE4Game/[you project]. The exact path is written to the logcat. Copy this back to your PC and open it in the profiler tab in the session frontend.

Thanks, will try it.

Yep, that worked. Now I just need to get it into Profiler :slight_smile: