How can i prevent ExponentialHeightFog from baking fog-color on the meshes in my scene?


I am making a space scene where i am using the ExponentialHeightFog to get a more interesting environment look. But when i build the scene, the fog-color gets baked on all my meshes and makes everything look green.

This is the scene where i build with the fog turned on, where the planets and sun are getting colored.

This is the scene where i build without the fog. Now the planets and sun are the right color.

This is the same scene as the one where i build without the fog, but i have turned the fog back on so it is showing but not baked. and that is the effect i want.

So is there a way to exclude objects from being affected by the fog like you can do with channels and lights or a way to tell unreal not to bake the fog at all?

is it just fog? might be a reflection probe issue I’ve had that sometimes

I would just do what you need in shader and not use the heightfog if it’s causing issues