How can i prevent a trigger-box reactivating while event is in progress

I’m new to the engine and am creating simple blueprints to get me used to how blueprint scripting works.

I have a platform which when triggered, moves up and down using a timeline. How ever, when the platform is moving, if my character sets off the trigger box again by jumping, the event starts from the beginning from it’s current location, not the ground when it originated. how can i stop the event from triggering again until it reaches it’s original location?

There are a couple ways to accomplish this. The easiest is probably to use the DoOnce node, then connect timeline Finished pin to Reset, possibly with a Delay node. If you need more control of when to allow the event you can use the Gate note, which has Open, Close, and Toggle. If you want other things to know it is moving you could make a boolean that is true while the platform is moving and allow execution only when that is false via a Branch node.

Take a look at [this page][1] for some more info about all those.

Also, just to add, you could set the to go from Play not Play from start, so if it is triggered again, the timeline will just continue from where it is.


Thank You

Those options have helped immensely.