How can I pose skeletal Mesh Props directly in the editor, When putting a level together

I have made some shipping containers , but I am running in to a problem when I want pose doors open/ closed Individually on each container that I place In the level.

I tried the pose able mesh component and made the variables public so I could set the door position in the editor, but it will only set them on the begin play from the exe node .

Im sure there is a easier way that I have missed to do this,

It looks like you’ll need to create an Animation Blendspace for the poseable mesh. So it will take your input from your variable in the editor details. You should have a corresponding variable for each door in your Blendspace. It should send input (from "Door Hinge"variables) to the Blendspace and update it in realtime in the editor window. At least, in my mind, that is how it will work. Right now you’re affecting the model directly, but only when the game is running (BeginPlay).

Thanks for the reply.
I was thinking of just turning them in to static mesh doors , But I will give this a try first.

Just wanted to throw in my two cents since I’ve been struggling with a similar issue.

Simplest way I found is:

  • Create a pose asset from the skeleton
  • Create several poses for each position that is relevant (left door open, right door open, etc)
  • Create an Animation Blueprint (ABP) for the skeleton
  • There’s a hidden feature in the “Evaluate Pose“ node in the ABP. Right click on the “Evaluate pose” node and choose “Convert to pose by name”. From here, with variables, you can control moving in and out of the poses you created.

Another way to go would be with a poseable mesh component but I haven’t tried that (because it’s harder to combine with Physics simulation.