How can I play video on curved surfaces?

I created a curved mesh (like a cinema screen ) with SketchUp and imported to Unreal.
When I put video texture on it, the texture is not displayed correctly.

I added texcordinate and scaler parameter on the blueprint to adjust the texture size, but it seems like the scale is not the caus of this problem…


When I put the same texture on cyliner, everything looked fine.)

I’d appreciate any help. Thank you in advance!

Can you show what it looks like on the screen?

Can you show the UVs? ( mesh without the material, like this ):

Thank you for the comment. These are how they look (one in closeup and the other in long shot)

Actually, I’ve found how the surface looks now. Is there a way to change this so that the mesh shows a single image?

It’s just the tiling. Wire it up like this and adjust X andY:

That’s bad UVs. The UV information is not spread across the mesh evenly.

You need to sort that out in a modelling app, such as Blender or Sketchup, I’m afraid. ( I know nothing about Sketchup ).

Thank you!!

I have one more quick question. I did what you said and my mesh looked way better. However, it still has disconnections between each image texture, no matter how I change the tiling (please check the screenshot).
Is it because I made the mesh on Sketchup and it apparentlydoes not have a completely smooth curved surface?

When you look at the mesh in UE with no material, the UVs should make a nice grid. If the little squares don’t match up, you’ll never get a texture to sit on it properly ( unless you use world aligned material, but that’s another thing ).

I see, thanks for your help! (: