How can I play/stop music during the game?

How would i go about playing different songs during game play? currently i have a theme song playing when the game starts, but when the player reaches their wining score i want it to stop playing and play a new song. Currently, i have this action take place on the gamemode blueprint. So i have it to where i notify if the player eached the winning score. Unfortunately, the main sound doesnt stop.

The problem here is that you are powering this blueprint logic using the Event Begin Play node. This will only fire one time at the very beginning of the game. Meaning that Winning Score Achieved will never be true, since it isn’t true when the game starts, and so the Main Theme will never stop. One way to test this is to have the Branch node be connected to Event Tick instead of Event Being Play. While this is not ideal, since Event Tick fires constantly, it will work. The ideal method is to create some kind of event that is fired when the winning score is achieved, and then use that event to Stop the Main Theme, but the solution I gave above will work until you modify your game logic to use events.

Thanks! After your answer i went through and made some logic inside of the game mode. So if anyone is interested, this what i did.

How did you get it to call game score? Also how did you set your songs to those variables my wav and cues would not show up.

I know an answer but did you figure it out yourself