How can i play skeletal animation back and forth ?

I need to make it so the client need to drag only the skeletalmesh and the animation sequence that he got when imported to the blueprint instance details panel .

So far i’v manage to make the animation play back “or” forth, only changed the animation rate from 1 to -1. but once it finish to play, it wont play again, i want to use it for a door or a drawer, click one time it opens, click again and it closes .

This is how the blueprint looks like :


The True and False output of the branched are swapped by mistake but it doesn’t matter it wont work the other way too…

Edit : And now i’v just noticed that the rate variable doesn’t change a thing . only the “Initial Position” of thr SingleAnimationPlayData node does it’s work ( This node is exteracted from a SkeletalMesh variable )

Ok i’v solved it, the node “global anim rate scale” works just fine and does the trick .