How can I play a sound from data structure?

I have a useable object in my scene and also a data structure for information like “press e to use” and item name. I successfully binded the info from the widget and now I can make a child of my main object and just change the info on the defaults tab, and everything is displayed on the widgets properly without further work in the character blueprint.

How can I make the same thing with sound? I want my player to play an audio of a description of the object every time I press R. I added the audio in the structure but I can’t make it work like the info variables. Any help please?

There’s probably no need to play with bindings, just play it like so:


I tried it like this but the sounds can’t play. Did I do something wrong? I think you put me in the right course though, thanks!

Looks fine at a glance. Are we sure the LOOK is valid? And what kind of object is it?

Well, it plays what you put in that struct. I’m not sure how your setup looks like or what you’re trying to achieve.

If you want every object to play its own sound, every object will need a struct.

The screenshot just shows you pressing R and creating a widget, not much to go on by.

UPDATE: It only plays the sound when I select it in the Terminal Structure Variable. But that ends up playing the same sound for children and parents.

I fixed it! I had to run a trace and some other stuff that also exist in the text details that appear. All fine now, thanks for pushing me in the right way!

Well done, sir! Good luck with the rest.