How can i play a random animation of my choosing on a skeletal mesh inside a blueprint?


Ive been trying to figure this out for some time now with no success. I dont come from a programming background but i have fair competence in UE4.

Im trying to place skeletal meshes, playing random animations from an array, along a spline.

I got halfway there following this tutorial -

No matter what i do, none of the nodes within the BP will allow me to attach a “play animation sequence” onto a skeletal mesh.

Any ideas here?

im not sure how animation blueprints would work for me here? I dont need all of the control involved.

Ill post my BP below. Thanks in advance.

Array of animations if you need control or play random sequence in animbp.

Hey Reaper,

Thanks for responding.

Im not quite sure I understand. Maybe im making it more difficult than it has to be? Is the function im making not necessary. A part of me thinks i can do this on the top level. Ive added an array of animations and im trying to pull from them. But i did not place them into my scene… Im also trying to avoid using the sequencer and just spawn the sequence itself at a specific location alone the spline.

Im all ears if you have any other advice. in the mean time im going to look into this process you mentioned above.