How can I play 360 stereo video HTC VIVE?

Hi there.

I know how to play a video as a texture but now I need to play two videos, one per eye, as 360 stereoscopic video, but I don´t know how to show a different texture or object per eye, in Unity I used to use the layer options in the camera, but in UE4 I don´t know how to do it.

Thanks in advance!

No solutions yet? Not even in 4.17?

even for earlier version there are simple solution: make a 3d sphere, properly unwrap it, and just use media player feature to add you 360 on this sphere.

where is difference between specifying and just simple?

I’m using this trick for my 360 videos with HTC Vive

try to record without stereoscopic capabilities)

anyway if you find the best solution, please write. I think there is only dancing with source

No, this is not a solution, I’m specifying stereo 360, not just simple 360, so I need to be able to have two spheres, with two videos, and each sphere/video to be viewed by just on eye.

Do you have some kind of idea about this?

Cheers and thanks for trying!

Stereoscopy, depth perception, I record the 360 videos with a camera with stereoscopic capabilities, and it gives me two 360 videos, one per eye, and I need to know how can I show just each video for each eye, I mean, left video(sphere) for left eye and right video (sphere) for right eye.

Yes, but that trick works for a monoscopic video, just one video for both eyes, no depth and stereoscopy.

It’s not a matter of trying to record without stereoscopy, stereoscopy it’s a feature required for our projects, we don’t do just simple 360, we do high quality stereoscopic video, and we need to use it in stereoscopy, not in a simple plain 360 without depth :slight_smile:

So in Unity I could enable the sphere in a layer, so the left camera could see just the left sphere and the right camera could see just the right sphere, but I don’t know how to do that in UE4


try to use stereoscopic material from here Use of stereoscopic 360 degrees videos in UE4 - Cinematics & Media - Unreal Engine Forums

instanced stereo should be disabled

Hi, did you find some solutions? because a need that functionality too

thanks but that is for mono 360 video but, i want to play 360 stereo video

Are you sure? for mono there is one texture without screen position, compare nodes and UV remaping from it

i will see in a deepest way tomorrow thanks for the advice