How can I pick/hold/carry object with effect of "heaviness"?

Hi everybody, finally I’m almost done with my UE4 project for College, but I’m trying to figure out:
How can my FPS character pull/carry an object so it will be damping him like if he’s carrying something heavy?
I have a physics handle in my fps charactet, I’ve played with the damping of the object which I want to feel heavy
(I also built a logic that makes my character moving slower when he is holding an objet but I feel that it’s not a proper way to create this effect).
Is there some known way to do that? At least for pulling (like in Skyrim of Fallout3/4, when you dragging a body for instance, it following you slowly and you moving according to its speed).
Does someone have an idea how to do this?
I would really appreciate any help :^)