How can I pay for using UE4 for Interior or Architect simulations?

Hello. I am a game artist but I am also intereted in making Archtect simulation with UE 4.
(As a parttime job :>)
As you know, for game, I have to pay 5% to make my game with UE4.
BUt I am not sure the policy about Architect simulation or other simulation things.
Is there other polcies for theses or same with game?

Oh you misunderstood you don’t have to pay 5% to make a game in ue4 unless you want to sell it.

Well, part time job would imply selling

My guess would be 5% the part of the bill that involves the making the specific interior or architect stuff, but it is an awful exercise to keep two databases for finances (one towards your customers,one to split out the costs of the engine use for the specific customer demonstration vs other income//expenses)

Kinda depends on how you use it too I guess, do you give the customer a ‘game’ where they can walk around to see the interior or do you only show it on your pc//laptop when you are with the customer.


It depends on exactly what you are doing, but I’d suggest you check out the EULA as you may be exempt from paying royalties for your specific purposes.

I’ve bolded a section that is probably relevant from the EULA F.A.Q.:

Q. Are any revenue sources royalty-free?

A. No royalties are due on the following:
•Ancillary products, including t-shirts, CDs, plushies, action figures and books. The exception is items with embedded data or information, such as QR codes, that affect the operation of the product.
Consulting and work-for-hire services using the engine. This applies to architects using the engine to create visualizations as well as consultants receiving a development fee.
•Linear media, including movies, animated films and cartoons distributed as video.
•Cabinet-based arcade games and amusement park rides.
•Truly free games and apps (with no associated revenue).

Michael Noland

The rule of thumb of any license is to build and plan and when you are ready to go to market you then contact Epic as to the requirements to full fill the “actual” licensing of a commercial product.

The license as presented in it’s current form is a means of conveyance as to fair use and when you are ready to go to market that’s when you, or your team, will have to sign the actual license to ensure that Epic gets their 5% cut.

Not to say Epic does not trust you but there is a BIG difference between an EULA and a binding signed contract. :wink:

Hi Frankie,

That is incorrect. The subscription EULA is the actual license you would ship a product under. You need to let Epic know about any shipped products as per the EULA section 1 (which links to but there is no separate contract to execute unless you want to negotiate custom terms or are trying to release a product that isn’t allowed under the subscription EULA (gambling/military use, etc… as laid out in section 1, Other Restrictions).

Michael Noland

Thanks for all answers. And I was really suprised epic’s welcoming polcies. I really feels it is great engine and great service. Thanks all!